If you believe that educators and training providers have a huge opportunity to make a real difference…If you’re open to finding new ways to align with the fast-moving needs of companies…You have to be part of the solution, too.


The AZ Cybersecurity Workforce Collaborative, several top AZ cyber employers, and Estrella Mountain Community College recently completed an in-depth curriculum review and alignment. Work on a similar process with the 4-year schools is in progress. We are looking for additional employers to work with our education partners on this curriculum review.


In cybersecurity, work-based and work-like experiences are the only way students will get the hands-on experience employers demand. The Cyber Warfare Range is an invaluable local resource for educators to give students that hands-on experience. Employers are also willing to participate in making work-like and work-based experiences available for your students.

What Employers Say

In June 2017 the AZ Cybersecurity Workforce Collaborative surveyed students, employees, employers, and educators to get a sense of what’s known (or not known) about the cybersecurity ecosystem in Arizona – and to understand the kinds of challenges that are being faced in the industry here. We received 217 responses, including 48 from employers, 52 from educators and workforce partners, and 117 from students and employees.

Many Arizona employers do offer internships, apprenticeships, and other work-like experience for cyber professionals:

On-the-job training
Classroom training
Job shadowing

Here’s what the employers we surveyed say would help them be better able to attract and/or retain cybersecurity talent in AZ:

More hands-on experience in education and training programs
Better awareness of AZ as great place for cybersecurity talent
More robust cybersecurity ecosystem
Education programs better aligned to job requirements
Being able to pay more
More training programs aligned to job requirements
Statewide commitment to fund K-12 and Higher Ed
Better/stronger companies in AZ


As an educator, you’re a cybersecurity professional too. Keep your skills up-to-date and network with your colleagues.


Through ElevateEdAZ, employers are eager to support you and all the great work you do to benefit students at the Academies at South Mountain and Phoenix Coding Academy as they move through their academy pathways. Representing industry, the Greater Phoenix Chamber Foundation (Foundation) is looking to provide you and your students with career exploration, career development, and increased opportunities for work-based learning.

The CyberWatch West Center is committed to improving the quantity and quality of existing cybersecurity resources and building upon these resources to develop effective training and teaching modules. By concentrating on student development; professional development; and curriculum development, revision, and dissemination, CyberWatch West incorporates effective outreach efforts to raise awareness and build viable partnerships among academia and industry.