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There is a strong and growing cybersecurity ecosystem in Arizona. We can and should be leaders in this critical field.


Total Cybersecurity Job Openings
Employed Cybersecurity Workforce
Nationally Recognized Cybersecurity Program
Nationally Recognized Cyber Warfare Ranges


“Every moment of every day across the world, a cyber war is in process. There are those defending assets, and those seeking to penetrate those defenses and gain that information. Just as in traditional warfare, learning to defend against the ‘bad guy’ takes practice and is done on a dedicated range. Additionally cyber security professionals practice InfoSec with a game called Capture The Flag, with both a Blue Team and a Red Team. The Blue Team secures a machine, and the Red Team attempts to takeover or plant a ‘flag’ within the Blue Team’s machine, all within a ‘range’.” Learn more

Source: KJZZ

Arizona’s cyber warfare ranges are a collaborative effort of AZLabs, ACTRA, Grand Canyon University, and the volunteers who bring broader collaboration among the community of interest within Arizona’s cybersecurity ecosystem.

Arizona has two cyberwarfare ranges. Both are open to the public:
AZCWR-Metro Phoenix at GCU Innovation Center
AZCWR-Mesa at AZLabs



Source: ASUKEDtalk


“The Arizona Cyber Threat Response Alliance, Inc. (“ACTRA”) serves as the hub for collaborative cyber information sharing in a neutral environment of trust where partners from industry, academia, law enforcement and intelligence come together, leveraging cross-sector resources to more effectively analyze critical, real time intelligence and respond to emerging cyber threats to Arizona’s Critical Infrastructure and Key Resources.” Learn more

“ACTRA is one of the first Information Sharing and Analysis Organizations (ISAO) in the nation. ACTRA has been instrumental in forming public and private partnerships to help foster collaborative information-sharing about cyber threats to better protect the citizens and businesses throughout our state.” –

“Arizona InfraGard’s Mission is to help protect Arizona’s infrastructure by supporting the priorities of the FBI; to cultivate partnerships with public and private sectors through bi-directional sharing of actionable information, training and educational events.” Learn more

Panelists discussing what is cybersecurity listen to retired Lt. Gen. Robert Schmidle at the first annual ASU Congressional Cybersecurity Conference on ASU’s Polytechnic campus. Panelists included (from right) Matt Salmon, vice president of ASU’s Office of Government and Community; Nadya Bliss, director of ASU’s Global Security Initiative; Jamie Winterton, director of strategy for the Global Security Initiative; and Jai Galliott of the University of New South Wales in Australia. Photo by Charlie Leight/ASU Now

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“SDSUG is a group of information technology professionals in the Phoenix area dedicated to the security of our digital systems. We meet quarterly to discuss security issues, tech trends, and share our successes and failures so we can learn from each other.” Learn more


Northern Arizona University

Northern Arizona University


Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University

Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University

Bachelor of Science in Cyber Intelligence & Security

Grand Canyon University

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